Iskra, All Iskra Letrika products including Iskra Alternators, Iskra Starter Motors & Iskra DC motors available to buy online globally from I Net Sales Ltd the Iskra and Letrika distributor. U.K. based, shipping Iskra products world wide

Welcome to the Iskra & Letrika online Shop of i Net Sales Ltd.

We supply a range of Iskra Letrika products that includes Iskra Letrika alternators, Iskra Letrika starter motors, Iskra Letrika D.C. Motors, Diesel heater glow plugs, Switchgear, Meters, Capacitor and Antennas we compliment the Iskra products with a range of other commodity products  to allow buyers to obtain a full "One stop shop"

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Cables & Leads
Offering A range of various cables and leads for aerial, audio & communication installations
Caravan Camping & Marine
Toura Passive & Active T.V. Aerials The Toura range of both passive and active Digital TV aerials TV aerials for Carvans, Motorhomes, Narrowboats, Mobile homes & Trucks Just 440mm in length they have a very high wind load specification of 135Km/Hour
Iskra Alternators
Iskra range of alternators for Earth moving, Engines & plant equipment. Tractors, Trucks, Marine, Vans, Cars,
Iskra Capacitor Products
The Range Of Iskra capacitor products
Iskra DAB & FM Radio Aerials
Iskra DAB & FM Radio Aerials Iskra supply a range of DAB & FM Radio aerials which include single element Omni directional aerials, Plus 3 element FM radio aerial. And a 5 Element FM radio aerial Complimented with DAB radio aerials in single dipole DAB radio aerial and a 5 Element DAB aerial. Iskra also manufacture a unique diplexed combination DAB/FM
Iskra Diesel Glowplugs Flame Plugs & Heater Plugs
Iskra offer a range of Diesel Glow plugs, Heater plugs & Flame plugs for commercial vehicles, vans, tractors passenger cars and stationary engines
Iskra Digital TV Aerials
Iskra digital TV aerials offer a range of over 60 different TV aerials which are suitable for digital, Freeview, HD and analogue TVreception. These Include Wideband, Log periodic and Group "A" For Crystal Palace, Stockland & Rowbridge or Grop"B" for Sutton Coldfield & its relay transmitters For strong signal areas you require a small, lightweight aerial, such as the Paragon Reva 1 TV aerial. In medium and weak signal areas a larger high gain aerial, such as the Iskra DTX-48FC wideband TV aerial would be more suitable. You can browse or product offer by either manufacturer or price
Iskra Indoor Aerials
Iskra range of indoor aerials for digital TV reception
Iskra Log Periodic Aerials
Iskra Log periodic aerials have an even gain across all frequency bands, making them ideal in locations where ghosting is a problem or where proximity to a transmitter means receiving high and low end frequencies is difficult. We offer 8 different log periodic antennas both passive and amplified, along with power supplies and mast / fixing kits for external & loft mounting
Iskra Measuring Centers
Measuring centres are instruments for measuring and monitoring quantities in single and three phase electrical systems. Their operation is based on fast sampling of input voltages and currents in all measuring phases. They replaces many analogue instruments and measure quantities like: voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, energy, phase angle, THD. They enable you to control and monitor your electrical system. You can use them almost everywhere, where electrical quantities have to be measured: in panel boards, in gensets, at remote locations like small power stations and others. With our software and some data of your own you can calculate your electrical energy costs. They help you with load sharing, inform you when something happens with your electrical system through internet or GSM. They can replace few analogue instruments for low price like MC 710, or help you to analyse, control and monitor your energy system like MC 760.

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